Getting your business online is not easy, just like trying to train a new puppy!
Hi, I'm WebPup. I'm here to help you make a great website! Whether it's a shopping cart for your business, a personal food blog, or an online portfolio of all your photography work, WebPup can do it all at a competitive price.
Don't be a dog without a bone. Leave web design to the experts while you focus on running your business. WebPup develops and designs a wide range of online solutions to suit your needs, so you can thrive.
Take advantage of our special $10 website offer* or contact us today for a customised quote.
*Websites from $10 subscription per month. Pay the first 12 months up front. Websites are created with standardised templates. Your logo and information must be provided. Further conditions apply. Please contact us for more information.



Simple Designs

WebPup focuses on minimalist, responsive designs to keep your website looking clean and to the point. This greatly improves accessibility for your customers and gets them to where they need to go fast.

Search Engine Optimisation

Ever heard of SEO? WebPup will tell you the truth behind what is ranked on search engines and what isn't. Don't be fooled by expensive companies claiming to get you to that number one spot!

Social Media

These days if your business is not on social media, then you don't exist. WebPup can help you get your business online and in the social space to get more customers and spread the word.

Online Stores

Selling something? Let WebPup help you build your online store presence. We will help you with your shopping cart, product placement and checkout for a competitive price.

Content Creation

You run a business so you don't have time to spend on content for your website, but it can't be neglected or you'll fall behind! Don't worry because WebPup can help you. We will get your business on track with great looking content online.

Support & Updates

Once your website is built, we don't leave you there. WebPup offer ongoing support and maintenance for your site to keep you relevant. Let WebPup help you thrive in the tech world of today.
Health & Wellbeing
Small Business
Shopping Cart
Online Shopping
Personal Training
Skin Care Products
  • Webpup helped me bring my business idea to reality and went above and beyond to help me get my vision online. I highly recommend his services. He provided me with cheap hosting and emails as well. I haven't found anyone else that has matched his services, design skills and professionalism. Definitely will be working with Webpup again in future.
  • Daniel has been fantastic to deal with. I wanted a website to try out a small business idea and Daniel provided the website hosting, domain name, emails and built a great looking website! He covered everything and was very professional.
  • Webpup created my small business website and everyone has commented on how great it looks. Works well and Daniel was easy to deal with. Highly recommended.
  • Dealing with webpup has been a great experience. Daniel is a pleasure to work with and went to great lengths to assist me; update my website, streamline my overall online presence, and migrate my site to a new web host. Daniel also now provides me a worry-free maintenance package to make sure my site stays up-to-date and secure. Highly recommend.
  • Can't Recommend Webpup enough. They created me a beautifully modern website and the communication with the team was second to none. Very Responsive and created exactly what i needed without breaking the bank. Thanks Webpup!
If you have an enquiry, please contact us using the form below. We can provide quotes, advice and friendly service at no charge
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